What is HyperFire Creators?

HyperFire Creators, a community made for the skilled creator, with lots of events and projects for every member. Welcome to our website!


Co-LeadersShane, PrismDash, 8BitFudge

Head Administrator –Β Nahuel2998

AdministratorsStaRSwiRl64, SirHadoken, JacobROso, Ilrell, Lazuli

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63 thoughts on “What is HyperFire Creators?

  1. What about leaderboard? Creator leaderboard and Point leaderboard. First one is working like this: you post your level and moderators and admins are judjing it by 0-10 points. And creator with biggest summary of points will be first. Second one is very simple. Like default leaderboard. Mant points – closer to #1 in leaderboard.

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  2. Maybe with HFC points you could get things like collabs with certain members? like set an amount of points you spend to collab with them? IDK it sounds kinda stupid when I put it like that…


  3. ”We already thought on making the HFC points thing but we want ideas for what can you win with them :)”

    Quoting what nome said from a previous reply; we should probably just stick to the HFC points leaderboard system that i suggested before in the chat, and that Bio also mentioned here. I don’t think there are much prizes you can win in a group like this. Specially over the internet.

    So just the leaderboards, because prizes very likely won’t work.


    • Well yeah I know it’s hard, but I just try to make the group as good as possible, and an important fact is keep the members happy with the team. This is why I want some prizes. Anyway I managed to get some ideas already, but I still ‘d like some more, thanks!


  4. You should make a sort of mini forum board, where people can post their sneak peeks or full levels, for others to judge and comment on. It makes it much easier for everyone to find everyone’s levels, and even so you (nomedigas) can judge levels and show your opinion about it much more easily.


  5. This group is super awesome, I love it!


    -Maybe we could make weekly creator contests where lvls you make are only short or medium, and the best one could win maybe some HFC points or something πŸ˜›

    -Ranks, like, you can get HFC points (by being creator of the week, admin of the week, etc…) and the more points you have, the higher you are on the ranks leaderboards. And, maybe at every 30 points or something, you can get a prize of some sort πŸ˜›

    -Maybe a YouTube channel, where we showcase lvls by creators in the chat and stuff ;3; I could help with it

    – Message of the week (this sux) maybe if someone said something funny in the chat and its the funniest of the week we could showcase it 8) im out of ideas 8)

    ok thats it 8)


    • Wow, that was kind of fun to read. Hm. Weekly creator contests may be annoying for people, just creating a short level for this, won’t it? We already thought on making the HFC points thing but we want ideas for what can you win with them πŸ™‚


  6. My spective idea is that to make a perfect CC. Needs to be:


    -XL OR Long

    -Effect map.

    The winner of the CC gets something.


  7. You should do a hall of fame system.
    With every member and how many contests they won, and for example how many times they won Member of the week or Creator of the week. You should give a player 1 point for every CC or weekly contest they win, and make a ranking system of the top members based on how many points they have.


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