Idea Vault

In this page, there are all the ideas that will propably be added soon to the team and ideas that we need.

Ideas coming soon (Please say your opinion!):

-Increase required average creating skill level: One of the parts to be accepted in the team is creating skills. Right now you need an 8/10 to pass this part, but we may increase it to 8,5/10 since we became a really famous team and the 5th best creators group in the Geometry Dash community.

-Level Forum: A forum where members post upcoming levels previews or a full levels and we all help them improve them by giving tips, judging, rating, etc.

-Idea Forum: A forum where members post ideas that they want to share or they won’t use so they give the chance to help other members who don’t have any ideas.

-HFC Points: A ranking/pointing system that works with something called HFC Points. Members get them by (for example): being good members, admins, creators; winning Creator Contests or Weekly Contests; etc. Once you have some HFC Points, you can get prizes.

-HyperFire Teasers: Really soon, we will start uploading pictures about W.I.P. projects in the team, which ones we will upload in the channel, in this website and in the group chat.

Ideas that we need (Please help us!):

-Prizes: We need ideas for prizes to give to people with many HFC Coins 🙂