History of HFC

HyperFire Creators was created in late 1.9, about 2 months before 2.0 release.

When it was created (By Nomedigas, still  leader of the group), some really nice creators joined and spread the word of this group. There was only one group and people who weren’t Elite were “HFC learners”, but the leader realised this was way too messy so he made two groups, a non-Elite one including “HFC Learners” and an Elite one including the rest.

Rules were created, some amazing creators joined and it gained a bit of popularity in the community. 2.0 came out, extremely good creators kept joining and people in the team were recognised very nice creators in the Geometry Dash society.

HyperFire Creators application form was created, and this way it was much easier to apply and enter people in the group. At this point people realised the team could be one of the best creators group in Geometry Dash and started trying to get in. We had some famous creators and more and more were joining.

Suddenly, many awesome creators joined and even more people wanted to get in. The team became really famous in the community so we needed to make a website for all the info about the team, and, after a little time of waiting, it was created in late December.

We started adding more pages to it and incredible creators kept joining. We made a YouTube channel in middle 2.0 and it had a lot of success! Then we started doing a couple of events.

In late 2.0, we finally moved to Discord. It was hard, but we managed to do correctly.

Thanks to Discord and all of its features, we began to plan many new projects. Thanks to the feedback of our members, most of them got some recognition in the game with their newest levels!

Thank you all! Aren’t you in the team yet? Apply!