All of our megacollabs follow this pattern:

-The level will be more or less 3 minutes long.

-The song will be epic/happy

-We don’t have orders because people use to stress with these.

-The level needs to made in a way for the player to ”feel the music”. This doesn’t mean sync exactly (although we will need sync), it means that it would be made in a way so the music ”synchonizates” with the level as much as possible, by the theme, pulses or by the sync. This is the most important fact about our megacollabs.

-Nomedigas will say conditions for every part and the members must follow them.

-The level will have a short introduction, a ”pause” (saying some famous sentences of history and stuff about HFC) during the minutes 1:15 and 2, and another one at the very end of it, which will include the names of all the members of it.

-Don’t worry about time, we can skip spots and stuff like that!

-Style is obligatory FunnyGame/innovative style. This means you  need to be as innovative as possible, playing with creativity and originality, always making new stuff, but never make nothing overused or rush your part! Remember that you can make any style you want (more or less, just try your best, but not really any style, try to fit) but being innovative!

Atacron offered us to do a megacollab with them! Best of HFC Best of TDC!

It will be in 2.1 and Argon and Nomedigas (Leaders of the groups) are already deciding the members! Ask Nomedigas for more info.

The style of it is space/effect/innovative.

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